Yellist is a self-directed content wallet that keeps you in the driver’s seat

Yellist lets you aggregate links, upload documents and media, and share whole ideas to social media – without compromising your privacy. while respecting the laws and rights of other platforms and nations.

Community Guidelines

To help us keep our community vibrant and growing, we are employing a modified model for our users. Please read the following guidelines on sharing responsibly.


Like a movie producer, think of your content as either G, PG, or R, and set your permissions accordingly.

  • G = all ages, PG = under 17, R = over 17.
  • G and PG can be publicly shared.
  • R is platform or group only.

Public content can be seen by anyone, ‘platform only’ content can only be seen by other Yellist users.

  • Respect the rules of the platform to which you are sharing.
  • Consider how you convey your ideas when you link back to your Yellist account.
General Rules
  • You must be over 17.
  • You agree to the Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

Yellist operates under, and is limited by, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and all other applicable U.S. Laws, including:

  • Copyright: do not use music, art or writings without permission.
  • Threats: do not make threats to cause physical harm.
  • Libel: do not publish lies about public figures or people.
  • Privacy: do not share private facts about a person.
  • Doxing: do not illegally obtain and publish private records.
  • Stalking: do not actively harass someone over time.
National Laws

Yellist is a unique platform – it can parse content for nation-state-level adherence to public speech laws..

We recognize that each country is its own rational actor and is held accountable by its own people..

Therefore, what may be legal in the U.S. (or Saudi Arabia, or the UK) may not be legal in Germany (or the UAE, or Indonesia) - and we've designed our platform to respond to that – live and in real-time..

Content Violations and Platform Removal
  • Reported content is reviewed by legal professionals.
  • Violating content is restricted, not removed, unless illegal under the law of the country it is posted from.
  • Users will not be de-platformed, absent repeated violations of the TOS.
Nudity: Yellist accepts nudity in art, commentary, and advocacy, but asks that you please share responsibly.

Yellist does not allow gratuitous pornographic content or revenge porn, and it reserves the right to permanently ban violators, including content involving:

  • Sex work or the promotion of prostitution, including virtual sex acts.
  • Posts or art intended to imitate or encourage child pornography or sexual acts.

Mission Statement

Privacy: We hold ourselves to privacy principals that far exceed industry standards. We don’t scrape your data because we don’t have to – ours is a different type of architecture with a much brighter future. click here for our privacy policy

Content Ownership & Control: We believe people should own and control their digital assets - from memes to research.
Our contribution to the global conversation is a platform to store your content and share your ideas – either privately, or to established social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Making Money from Content: We’ve launched our platform with payment partnerships to help users create their own economies. With content level control, copyright concerns are addressed early and new business models can be born from aggregation.

Responsible Sharing: For better or for worse, every person is bound by the laws of their own country.
Our platform does not seek to replace those laws with “Terms of Service”, but instead offers the fullest extent of freedom of speech to every user, regardless of location, with real-time content controls.

The Future of Content: Yellist is launching as a social content wallet that is developed to ultimately facilitate new blockchain models, including: new advertising models that meet privacy requirements, and story provenance – a type of certification to combat fake news and deep fakes.

To learn more about our company and committment to more meaningful social engagement, and for investor inquiries, contact us